Daily Lotto

The Daily Lotto was introduced in 2019 by the National Lottery operator, Ithuba. It is a lottery game that offers daily jackpots and guaranteed winners.

The initial draw was held on Sunday the 10th of March at 9pm. and has been held every night since then at that time.

Daily Lotto is different from the lottery’s other games in several ways. With Daily Lotto, there is no jackpot rollover. If there is no jackpot winner, the jackpot money rolls down to the next reward level and is split among all players who matched four numbers.

For accurately matching sets of 2, 3, 4, or 5 numbers, there are four awards. The Daily Lotto estimated jackpots range from R100,000 and it depends on players involvement.

Draw Date
2 March, 2024
06 09 15 16 36 View draw details

Latest Lotto Results & Winning Numbers

Draw Date
1 March, 2024
20 22 24 29 31 View draw details
Draw Date
29 February, 2024
07 14 16 21 28 View draw details
Draw Date
28 February, 2024
04 17 26 27 29 View draw details
Draw Date
27 February, 2024
11 20 27 33 36 View draw details
Draw Date
26 February, 2024
03 04 09 32 36 View draw details
Draw Date
25 February, 2024
Draw Date
24 February, 2024
01 02 11 15 20 View draw details
Draw Date
23 February, 2024
04 19 25 26 33 View draw details
Draw Date
22 February, 2024
05 13 15 16 29 View draw details
Draw Date
21 February, 2024
01 09 16 35 36 View draw details
Draw Date
20 February, 2024
07 13 22 30 32 View draw details
Draw Date
18 February, 2024
05 06 16 17 33 View draw details
Draw Date
17 February, 2024
08 10 15 25 28 View draw details
Draw Date
16 February, 2024
01 14 18 20 32 View draw details
Draw Date
15 February, 2024
02 10 16 19 34 View draw details
Draw Date
14 February, 2024
01 04 10 29 36 View draw details
Draw Date
13 February, 2024
07 08 16 26 30 View draw details
Draw Date
12 February, 2024
03 14 27 30 34 View draw details
Draw Date
12 February, 2024
15 17 19 20 39 49 + 47 View draw details
Draw Date
10 February, 2024
07 12 16 24 29 View draw details
Draw Date
9 February, 2024
10 24 29 34 36. View draw details

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Winning numbers and Lotto tools

Sometimes to boost your chances of winning a lot is by using free tools as part of your strategy to come up with winning numbers. They’ll help you reduce the current guess work instead allow you to analyze past results quickly.

Daily Lotto Number Checker

Daily Lotto Number Checker

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Daily Lotto Number Generator

Daily Lotto Number Generator

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How to Play Daily Lotto

Playing Daily Lotto is very simple, all you need to do is select 5 numbers between 1 – 36. You have an option of selecting the numbers yourself or using the quick pick option that selects numbers randomly.

You can participate in the DAILY LOTTO in the following ways:

  1. Purchase a Daily Lotto slip from any retailer authorized by the South African Lottery.
  2. Select your 5 (from 1 -36) numbers using a pen or pencil.
  3. Pay R3 for the ticket and if you purchase more than one ticket, you pay R3 for each game.
  4. Review your slip to confirm if the numbers in there are the correct ones.
  5. Write your name on the back of your slip and keep it safe.
  6. Wait for the daily draw at 9pm to see if you have won.

For quick pick, you can just ask the teller assisting you that you want the quick pick, and 5 numbers will be chosen for you.

Tickets may also be purchased online at the National Lottery website, or via the National Lottery mobile app. Ticket sales close at 08:30 pm every day.

You may also play the Daily Lotto through your banking app. Banks such as Capitec, FNB, and Standard bank do have the option to play Daily Lotto.

How to Win Daily Lotto?

Daily Lotto has overall odds of 1 in 7.6 of winning a prize.

With the South African Daily Lotto, you can win rewards by matching your chosen numbers to the randomly chosen winning numbers. Unlike other lottery games, the Daily Lotto prize money must be won in every draw. This implies that there is a good chance you could win the jackpot without having to match all the numbers.

By matching two, three, four, or all five of the numbers drawn in the Daily Lotto game, you have the chance to win cash prizes. Prizes in this lottery are not predetermined. Instead, the amount of the cash prize is determined by the number of winners and the number of draw tickets sold.

50% of the proceeds from each R3 ticket purchase go toward the prize pool. The remaining money in the pot is then divided across the four reward categories, with a percentage going to each division’s winners.

There are no predetermined payouts for Daily Lotto prizes because they are all pari-mutuel. A guaranteed jackpot may occasionally be used, but it will always be disclosed through the official channels.

Daily Lotto Jackpot

You win the jackpot if all five numbers are selected on that day match. If there are multiple winners, you divide the reward money.

You have 365 days to claim your winnings if you are the lucky winner. You can collect cash winnings of R2,000 or less from any of the authorized lottery retailers in the nation. For prizes between R2,000 and R50,000, you must go to a South African post office to claim your winnings. If you’re fortunate enough to win anything more than R50,000, you’ll need to visit one of the Ithuba regional offices to collect your prize.

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