Betway Login Guide – How to Start and Login into your Account

Betway Login Guide - How to Start and Login into your Account

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Betway App is one of the most popular gambling platforms in South Africa, many people use the Betway app as a way of generating additional income. So, here is a betway login guide in which we will go through some basic steps and show you how to start and log in to your Betway account and start making money.

With that being said, we would like to warn you that gambling often ends with money loss instead of gains so, play with caution.

To start and login to your Betway app account first, you need to;

1. Download the App

Open your phone, go to the app store and search for “Betway” and install the app. The app file is around 25MB.

2. Register

Open the app and register a new account – There are 2 parts to the registration process, first, you need your;

  • telephone number,
  • a secure password,
  • first name, surname, and
  • email address.

betway registration and login screen

For the second part, you mainly need your South African ID number and to agree to the terms and conditions.

3. Login

You can now login into your Betway account with the credentials you used and choose the country you’re in so you can see the correct currency and region-based information.

4. Deposit Funds

Once inside the app you first need to deposit funds to start betting. First, click on the deposit icon or your balance amount of R0.00, Next a list of payment options will show. Choose a suitable payment method for you. Follow the instructions on how to pay and which reference numbers to use. The money usually takes minutes to reflect depending on your payment method.

betway depositbetway banking

5. Start Betting

Once the money has reflected in your Betway account, you can now start placing your bets on your favourite teams. If your team is currently playing you can go to live game and start betting immediately even during the game.

6. Getting Help

If anything goes wrong or you need to ask questions, use the chat feature on the app and a consultant will assist you with your query.

The whole process of downloading, registering, depositing, and betting took less than 15 minutes. So, if you are watching a game of sports and would like to quickly bet on a team you believe will win then, this might be one of the best platforms to use.

Here are 7 Quick Betting Tips when using the App

  1. Bet on teams you know
  2. Remember that small wins add up
  3. Do not gamble when desperate or stressed
  4. Set spending limits and don’t overspend
  5. Play with what you are willing to lose
  6. Remember that there are no guarantees
  7. Have fun

Alternatively, you can access Betway by logging in through your computer browser by visiting and login to your account with your app credentials. If you have forgotten your password then, click on forgot password, enter your mobile number and you will receive an SMS with a reset code which you will use to verify and create your new password.

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