Lotto Results: 3 Heartwarming South African Lotto Wins That Changed Lives

Lotto Results- 3 Heartwarming South African Lotto Wins that Changed Lives

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Lotto results can be life-changing, and for some people it has been the thing between rags and riches. The lotto in all of its variations is a game that millions of people around the world base their dreams around. The magic of picking 6 lucky numbers that can forever alter your future seems like a long-shot but for a few people, they’ve had the luck to experience all the joys of becoming multi-millionaires overnight. This article will look at 3 lucky Lotto jackpot winners and the lotto results that changed their lives forever.

Big results for a Cancer survivor

This is a clear showcase of a life-changing jackpot. This lotto winner found their luck in July 2017, winning a whopping R17 million. The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, was a man who had recently been diagnosed with cancer and lost his job as a result of taking too many sick days to treat his illness. The cancer had left him with no vision in one eye, yet he was still the main provider for his family, a feat that became increasingly more difficult after the loss of his job and with his declining health.

The mounting pressure of his family’s needs and poor health made it very clear that he need help, and even more than that, he needed a miracle. And that is exactly what he received when he became a millionaire in a heartbeat.

The winnings brought hope and security to his family, and that only increased when he later received news that he had won again, this time against his cancer, and he was given a clean bill of health. This is a beautiful story of resilience and luck, a showcase of lotto’s life-changing results.

Million Rand Results for a South African Factory Worker

A Sowetan woman in her 50s tried her luck and tested fate by playing the lottery on a random night in April 2016. She spent R20 on her ticket and thought nothing of it on the night of her victory. Upon discovering that she won, she put her winning ticket in her Bible and did not show it to anyone, she was completely shocked that she won and could not believe it. Luck was on her side because her R20 investment multiplied and led her to multi-millionaires status, a position that has changed her life forever.

This lucky winner used the money from her winnings to buy a house for her daughter, as well as treat herself to an early retirement. She chose to move into a house by the sea and spend her life peacefully, a drastic change from her frantic life as a factory worker.

Lotto Brings a new life for a Gauteng Man

A man from Gauteng had been playing the lotto for 18 years, until finally one day all his investments came to fruition. He received a text message one day stating that he had become the lucky winner of R70 million! After his initial skepticism he discovered that it was real and that his life was changed forever. He received his winnings in January 2018 and made use of the South African National Lottery’s financial literacy and counselling services to ensure that he protected his money and made it work for him.

He used his newfound wealth to pay off debts, pay for his children’s education and build his wealth through investments, making this victory life-changing for both him and his family.


Overall, it is clear that the lotto is a life-changing win that grants so many people the opportunity to take care of themselves and the people closest to them. The South African National Lottery has had its fair share of winners and has had its hand in changing and improving the lives of hundreds of South Africans, and this article has highlighted just a few. To hear more stories about lottery winners from around the world and the results of their winnings, listen to the ‘Lottery, Dreams and Fortune’ podcast with Timothy Schultz, here.

On the other hand, for stories about lotto winners who have lost it all, read Lottery Curse or Coincidence? The Stories of Unlucky Winners.

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