UK49s Lunchtime

Here are today’s Uk 49s lunchtime results and winning numbers.

Draw Date
24 May, 2024
3 12 28 30 32 41 + 7 View draw details

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Uk49s Lunchtime Number Checker

Uk49s Lunchtime Number Checker

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UK49s Lunchtime Number Generator

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About Uk 49s

Introduced in 1996, UK49s Lunchtime is a 6/49 lottery draw that takes place every day in the United Kingdom at 2:49 p.m. It is a draw game with 6 main numbers and a bonus ball, all drawn and selected randomly from a pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 49.

All balls are selected from the same set so, the booster ball is drawn from the remaining balls after the 6 main ones have been picked.

The aim of the game is for players to match the numbers selected in the draw. Unlike traditional lotteries like the South African National Lotto, UK 49s Lotto has various rules for each bookmaker. Before playing, be careful to check with your bookmaker to see if their regulations or odds are different.

Even though the draw takes place in the UK, South African gamblers frequently place bets on the UK49s as it is well-liked among fans of lucky numbers due to its daily draws, manageable selection of balls, and outstanding and distinctive betting opportunities for all lottery participants.

How to Play Uk 49s

Uk 49s lunchtime game draws 6 numbers and a booster daily between 1 and 49 pool. You can choose to bet on a minimum of 1 to 6 numbers for the Uk lunchtime game and must match 100% to win.

There is no partial-number match like in the South African national lotteries. With the Uk 49s lunchtime game, if you choose to bet 2 numbers, you must match 2 numbers in the draw to win.

And there’s no stake, the amount you’ll win will be determined by the money you put in and the numbers in your bet.

Where to play UK49s Lunchtime in South Africa?

You can place a bet for the UK49s lunchtime draw online through any reputable betting website or bookmaker that has the game. Some of the popular bookmarkers in South Africa that offer UK49s Lunchtime betting are BetwayHollywoodbets, and Lottostar.

How to win the UK49S Lunchtime?

Obviously, you only win if you match the numbers drawn, there is no magic to this, it is all guesswork and luck.

Depending on your stake, with 2 matched numbers, you can potentially win R90 – R3000. With most bookmarkers in South Africa, you can place a bet on UK49s lunchtime from as little as R1.

How to withdraw your UK49s Lunchtime winnings

How you claim your winnings depends on the bookmaker you place a bet with as they offer different withdrawal options.

With Betway, you can withdraw your winning and transfer straight into your bank account or choose the cash send options. You might need to submit your ID and proof of residence for FICA purposes

UK49s Lunchtime common numbers

The numbers drawn daily are different from the previous draw but, some numbers that are frequently drawn. Just to list a few, on the most commonly drawn UK49s Lunchtime draw we have 47, 19, 17, 37, and 39 and bonus balls are: 8,7, 5, 3, and 27.